Top 10 Priceless pictures that Will Leave You Speechless

It is famous all over world that expressions have more power than words. Similarly, pictures having powerful message can prove to be more effective than long conversations. Here we have a collection for top ten amazing pictures, looks simple but having a great message to amuse and surprise at same time.

1.The torment

The experience of nuclear blast

Thirteen year old Omayra Sanchez of Colombia lost her life during a volcanic eruption in 1985. The pain of passing 3 days under enormous amount of weight of debris can be observed in picture. A journalist saw her stuck in trouble and took photo before she was gone away from this world.

2. Baseless hatred

Baseless hatred

Elizabeth Ann Eckford was part of nine Black African-American students who become victim of discretion in 1957. The incident took place at Little Rock Central High School when several white American students followed her shouting slogans. Fire of hatred can be witnessed among waling behind her.

3. That disbelief

That disbelief

Expression of Harold Whittles was priceless when he heard a voice for the first time in his life with hearing aid. Harold was born deaf and never experienced listening until he was provided hearing aid.

4. The experience of nuclear blast

The experience of nuclear blast

How much painful it must be thinking about nuclear blasts in Hiroshima can be seen in the eyes of this little girl. She experienced the incident with her eyes and froze to the moment.

5. Exhausted expression

Exhausted expression

Expressions in Eyes of American prisoner of war by Germany in 1945 shows the mental and physical tourcher POW’s has to suffer.

6. Burnt childhood

Burnt childhood

A small Syrian child from a rebel family holding an AK-47 in hands and a cigarette in lips shows how painfully children are losing pleasant and innocent moments of childhood in the world.

7. Courageous look

Courageous look

At the age of just 14-years, Bibi Ayesha was traded with Taliban as a murder case for forgiveness price. Escaping from abusive life after 4-years becomes crime for her. She was captured and handed back to in-laws. Punished he by cutting off her nose and left to die in tears but, fearless soul inside her was not broken with everything.

8. The boy with the sapphire eyes

The boy with the sapphire eyes

This stunning picture taken by Vanessa Bristow was accused of being Photo Shopped. Someone having dark skin and blue eyes becomes unbelieve reality. However, the photographer proved the reality with hundreds of similar pictures.

9. Panic at its worse

Panic at its worse

Just moments before this woman has exhausted with enough air to breath in car, policemen helped her out to breathe by breaking glass with a stone.

10. The awe of a discovery

The awe of a discovery

First woman to become a mother in Space in 1985 was Anna Fisher. It becomes an unmatchable honor for her.