Hotels are being built all over the world because

Hotels are being built all over the world because of increased interest of tourism. Hotels and motels are being booked via hotel agents and also by online hotel booking websites. Motels are usually built in the places where tourists like to stay. People want to get the rooms where they get a good view of the city. Hotels built over mountains cost double than the ones which are on ground. Most popular motel in the world is “Wigman motel” that is located on America’s route 66.

Wigman motel is popular for its interior designing. Wigman motel is basically inspired by hotel in Disney movie “Cars” named as Cozy Cone Motel. “Cozy Cone Motel” in the film is a kind of weird type of hotel. People love to stay in Wigman motel because of its great furniture, outside view and location.

Motels are mostly expensive because of their good location. Motels have better furniture, rooms and location than hotels. People love to live in motels but they don’t want to spend much money on it too. So they prefer hotel rooms which are cheap and are easily available all the time.

Wigman motel is a great source of income for its owner too. Wigman motel attracts the tourists far from its location as its exterior is made in a weird way. Wigman motel looks like a cone placed on the earth. It greatly attracts the visitors because of its uniqueness. Wigman motel has got a great parking lot too.

Parking is a great issue in hotels and motels of this reign. People want good rooms as well as good and safe place for their car parking too. Most of the hotels lack the feature of spacious car parking zone.

The fastest way of booking this motel is to book it online via booking websites. This motel is going to make you love it and visit it again and again. America’s 66 route is the longest road and it is located right on that route which is the biggest plus point of this hotel.

It is not a fully luxury hotel but it gives a true sense of living in a 5 Star hotel which is enough for a tourist. Comfortable bed the biggest need of a visitor and here you get that need justified in a very awesome way with highly comfortable beds.