8 Hollywood Celebrities who used surprising Body Transformation for Movie Roles

These days, Hollywood celebrities’ do anything required to make a movie super hit in the showbiz. Sometimes to look fatter or slimmer than usual, actors and actresses have to go beyond imagination to create something very near to real according to their role on movies.

We have collected a list of 8 Hollywood super stars who gave their best to look enormously skinny on the screen. Looking at their hard work to do justice with role one has immense pleasure to give hats off salutation to them. Here are details of the celebrities.

1) Chris Hemsworth – In the Heart of the Sea

Chris Hemsworth

The social media had mad in showing Chris Hemswoth’s skinny looks for his new role in the movie. Working on his body for move “In the heat if the sea” Chris used least amount of food to look skinny. He was surviving on less than 500 calories per day to get desired results.

2) Christian Bale – The Machinist

Christian Bale

Christian Bale is well known always to work extremely hard in effort to get perfection in his role in the move. However, in his new film, “The Machinist” was out gratuitous and defiantly needs to be praised enormously. Chris has lost 63LBS of his body weight to become a creepy skinny looking character but under strict motoring of doctors.

3) 50 Cent- All Things Fall Apart

50 Cent

Actor and super star rapper 50 cent is known as one of the most talent celebrities in Hollywood. He has done everything from rap signing to difficult acting roles in movies. In his latest Hollywood adventurer, “ALL things fall apart” 50cent has put appreciate able efforts to reduce 50LBS of bulk from his body to become a cancer effected footballer.

4) Matt Damon – Courage under Fire

Matt Damon

To become a drug addicted person in “Courage under Fire” versatile performer Matt Damon reduced huge amount of meat. Talking in media later, Matt admitted that he had to use medicines for a yearlong after making to the movie to bring back his internal glands to normal. He has to face enormous amount of difficulties to become normal.

5) Tom Hanks – Cast Away

Tom Hanks

For his role in “Cast Away” Tom Hanks lost 55 Pounds of his beautiful body. The role brought Tom Oscar nomination in result. However, Tom himself believes that weight loss has cost him too much because he is suffering from Type-2 Diabetes after that.

6) Matthew McConaughey – Dallas Buyers Club

Matthew McConaughey

To become an Aids suffering patient in “Dallas Buyers Club” Matthew had to get rid of 47 Pounds. Matt had to spend starving a day long to waste 1800 calories every day which bagged an Oscar in the end.

7) Michael Fassbender – Hunger

Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender worked in a movie named, “Hunger” in which his role was of a prisoner on hunger strike. He reduced 42 pounds to look familiar to his role in movie.

8) Jared Leto -Dallas Buyer’s Club /Requiem for a Dream

Jared Leto

Versatile Actor Jared Leto is well known for putting enormous efforts behind his roles in movies to look as close to real. He always found busy in losing or gaining weight according to needs of his roles in movies. In similar efforts, Jared reduced 25 Ponds for his role as a heroin addicted in a movie “Requiem for a Dream”, then he gained back 60 ponds to become a killer in “Chapter 27” and in last he again lost 40 pounds for his role requirement of a drug addicted teenager having AIDS in the Movie “Dallas Buyer’s Club”.