7 Amazing and Mind-blowing things which can easily save you from bad dreams

Bad dreams are always becomes horrible to deal with by anyone after a long day of day of busy work schedules and other hard talks in life. Sometimes, these ruins comfort of bed in few minutes. Bad thoughts and expresses in the day comes as a resultant at night to, leave restless. However, using some simple techniques can certainly keep miserable moments at night away from you.

Bad dreams at night show signs of stress and disturbance in thoughts. You can easily avoid these by keeping your mind busy in other ways. It seems ok to do anything for a comfortable sleep instead of spending all night restless.

Using the simple but amazing techniques given below in seven different ways can provide you nice and comfortable sleep all night.

  1. Use of alarm

Set an alarm

You can always use an alarm within 90 minutes of initial sleep can keep you away from horrible dreams. It has proved to be one of most powerful methods.

2. Little Light can save you!

Bright night will save you!

You can always use a small light of light or a night lamp beside you from trapping into Horrible dreams and gives to cozy sleep. Small light scares away nightmares.

3. Ask for help

Ask for help

Calling others for help in dreams has proved to be one of strongest way of not having bad moments in sleep.

4. Lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming

This is actually realizing the moments when you dreaming. This will help you in becoming an active part of your own dreams.

5. The MILD technique

The MILD technique

Realizing what’s happening with you in dreams. This is a practice in which you try to recall memories of night that what you have seen while having dreams. This will always help you in to sleep right after having a bad dream knowing that you will recall what happened in morning.

6. Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure

You can control you mind and thing by keeping it busy in some particular sort. Concentrating on one particular topic can divert your attention and keep you away from dreaming bad.

7. Manipulation


After having dreams, think about it in your own way. Do not go as it has happened while sleeping but take it towards your favorite desires and enjoy happy sleeping forever! certainly.